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2017-2018 “PUT ‘EM ON THE MAP”

In 2008, the Fountain County Art Council, Inc. began seeking recommendations to conserve the Courthouse Murals. Years of paint flaking, peeling and moisture problems had cause much damage to the murals. Art Conservators from The Chicago Conservation Center (2010) and Thomas Moore Studios Baltimore, MD (2011) examined the murals and made recommendations. Costs were upwards of $500,000 including the high costs of per diem and transportation which almost doubled the conservation price. Thomas Moore Studios recommended a two phase proposal, Stage One - Stabilizaton ($5,650) and Phase Two - Conservation ($221,0000), The Stabilization Phase would arrest immediate paint failure and allow time to complete the possible multi-year project and fundraising efforts. In 2011, Acanthus Arts (Brian Fick and Mary Yeager), Indianapolis was contracted by Thomas Moore Studios to complete the Stabilization Phase.

In 2016, a follow-up on the status of the murals and the progress of fundraising brought again to light the extreme expense involved in the conservation project. During this re-examination, it was discovered Acanthus Arts had located to Williamsport, IN. Already having a relationship with the murals, Fick and Yeager were contacted to look at the murals again. Their examination revealed an additional 10-15% degradation of the murals. Their proposal came in at $227,000 with a timeline of 4-6 months using two art conservators and 2-4 art technicians. October 2016 county officials gave their okay to begin fundraising efforts.

In January 2017, Nancy J. Wagner, Fountain County Art Council, Inc., founder and coordinator for the mural project, approached the Fountain County Commissioners offering a commitment to work for six months specifically on fundraising for the project if County Government would approve the following fundraising formula:

⅓ generated from local donations
⅓ match $1 for $1 from County Government
And ⅓ from competitive grants

Fountain County Commissioners: ($77,000-Committment)
Don Hesler, Tim Shumaker and Craig Stalter

Council: Dudley Cruea, Tom Booe, Dale Clawson, Bill Glover, James Hershberger, Jim McKee, and Joe Whittington

Grants received ($84,000-Grants)
The Grainger Foundation
Indiana History Society
Tippecanoe Arts Federation
Western Indiana Community Foundation
Efroymson Family Endangered Places Fund

And individual donations ($99,605)
Mrs. Winifred Clark (mural ancestor)
Mrs. Virginia Bennett
Mr./Mrs. Milo Bever
Booe-Inlow-d’Arlier Memorial Charitable Foundation
Diane Boardman
Mr./Mrs. Terry Bodine
Booklover Club
Mr./Mrs. John L. Brown
Mr./Mrs. Greg Campbell
Mr./Mrs. Richard Carson
Mr./Mrs. Mark Coleman
Tri Kappa Associates
Covington Woman’s Club
Covington Business Association
Mr./Mrs. Don Craft
Mr./Mrs. Dudley Cruea
Mrs. Jean Cunningham
Dr. William M. Doane
Evans, Piggott & Finney Eye Care Group, Inc
Mr./Mrs. John Fulton
Fountain County Landmarks
Mr. Greg Green
Mr. Victor A. Peterson/Ms. Tracy J. Harrison
Mr./Mrs. James L. Hershberger
House with the Lions Antiques, Inc
Mr./Mrs. John Howard
Industrial Federal Credit Union
Mr./Mrs. Ted Lane
Lee Lewellen
Dr./Mrs E.J. Martin
Mr./Mrs. Thomas McGurk, Jr.
Mrs. Alice McKinney
Mr./Mrs. John Mills
Dr./Mrs. Masakazu Miyagi
Mrs. Marsha Orr
Mr./Mrs. J.P. Rund
Mr./Mrs. Henry Schmitt
Shelby Funeral Home
Mr./Mrs. Robert Shepherd
Mrs. Lola May Simmerman
Joann Spragg
Wabash Valley Garden Club
David Wilson Farms

Work began on the murals on July 10th, 2017. The fundraising goal of $242,000 which included the establishment of an endowment fund of $10,000 for future repairs and $5,000 for mural promotion, was reached in late July 2017. The conservation project was completed on February 1, 2018.

Donations are always welcome.
Make checks payable to:
West Central Indiana Community Foundation
P.O. Box 175, Covington, IN 47932
And note: Mural Pass-Thru Fund on the Memo line.

Fountain County Courthouse Murals
301 4th Street
Covington, IN

Located just off I-74 at exit 8

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