Fountain County Courthouse Murals
Mural Tour (Desktop Version)
North Entryway Wall


This mural portrays honest and dishonest, economical and extravagant, wise and unwise disbursement of tax money in the management of the affairs of the government. On the left hand side, the central figures representing the good are also portraits of people important to the artist. The figure representing music is a portrait of his mother, Ann Savage; the symbol of education is the well-known and highly revered teacher, Olive Coffeen; the farmer is his grandfather. In the foreground, the harmony and innocence of the children enjoying music and the beauty of nature is evident. Behind these central figures, the planting of the tree and the tilled fields represents conservation. Above them, we can see the doves of peace. To the right of the mural is a girl, completely stripped of all earthly goods and held in bondage. We see an avalanche of bonds and helpless hands, as the thundering machine of war marches on.