Fountain County Courthouse Murals
Mural Tour (Desktop Version)
South Wall Second Floor


This painting portrays several episodes of the “Gay Nineties” and the ushering in of the twentieth century. On the left end, this panel begins with the return of soldiers from the Spanish-American War.  We see the clearing battle smoke and three white doves indicating the dawn of peace, and the Eagle and Shield symbolizing Liberty.

The county fair is memorialized by the scenes of horse races, fortune-telling, and the parachute drop. The small house denotes the birthplace of Eugene Savage. We see the tower of the old courthouse, representing the Records of the County. The K. of P. Hall stands for the fraternal orders and the old school (which burned in 1912) symbolizing education.

Pictured in the foreground is an old-time political rally around a bonfire of burning barrels.  To the right, memories of the era are recalled through the covered bridge, lovers’ lane, river bottom farming, and horse-and-buggy days.