Fountain County Courthouse Murals

This artistic attraction creates a courthouse unlike any other in the United States. The paintings represent westward discovery, expansion, and settlement of the United States as well as western Indiana, and are inspirational and educational as well as decorative.

Renowned muralist Eugene Savage directed local artists in the painting of the murals on the walls of this 1937 structure in his boyhood hometown of Covington, adding his own contribution of panels for the entryway. Nine of the ten artists were women. Two years were spent in historical preparation and composition of this immense project, and the works reflect the story of the growth of a people - through struggles with nature, battles, and hardships; as well as the successes and joys that came with civilizing the Wabash River Valley.

The murals cover over 2,500 square feet of wall space. At their completion in June 1940 they were valued at $90,000. Today their value is priceless.

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